Janet & Ryan Engagement Session in Downtown Stuart, Florida

Janet and Ryan met four years ago while in High School, and here they are today, still going strong and planning the rest of their lives together. Ryan is in the army and came home on leave from his AIT schooling to get his engagement photos done and then to get married a week later. Usually my turnaround time for editing is around two weeks after a session, but having been a military wife myself, I have special understanding for their circumstance so I expedited their editing process and got it done in two days. I was so exited that Janet chose their location to be in downtown Stuart. It is a quaint little town, full of cute boutiques, cool antique stores, and awesome seafood restaurants along a boardwalk.

port saint lucie photographer
downtown stuart, florida

These guys just made my job easy. They made each other laugh, they chatted and acted as if I wasn't there holding the camera on them. They just enjoyed each others company and I am sure that its because their time together is that more precious and sweet being that Ryan isn't home.

Port saint lucie wedding photographer
treasure coast wedding photographer
port saint lucie photographer
port saint lucie wedding photographer

I just couldn't wait to shoot their wedding, but more on that later! Ryan & Janet were amazing and I wish them a ton of luck wherever the military may take them, which I hear is in Washington for now!


Stay tuned to see some snippets of their small and intimate wedding day!